Rehabilitation Services

Our goal at Central Park is to work with you or your loved one to reach the goal of returning home after illness, surgery or an injury.

Our therapists provide professional assistance and support to work with you, or your loved one to attain maximum potential for a continued, functional lifestyle.

Excellent outcomes and satisfaction are the hallmarks of Central Park’s commitment to quality care. Central Park ensures this with an interdisciplinary approach, which includes the resident, the resident’s family, medical team, rehabilitative team and nursing team to provide the necessary rehabilitation and support to meet your needs. Our rehabilitation department offers therapy services on an individualized basis tailored to help restore you or your loved one’s physical and or cognitive ability.

Physical Therapy
A Physical Therapist identifies, corrects and alleviates an acute or prolonged musculoskeletal or neurological dysfunction. Our Physical therapist will conduct an evaluation and design an individualized plan of care for each person.  The plan of care includes a variety of exercises, functional activities and treatment modalities to achieve strength, flexibility and independence.

Occupational Therapy
An Occupational Therapist will focus on the assessment and treatment of conditions that affect an individual’s ability to perform daily life tasks. These include self-care activities, cooking, homemaking and job related activities. Our Occupational Therapist will design a treatment plan and assist with a variety of functional activities to improve upper extremity function and increase independence.

Speech Therapy
A Speech Therapist will set up a program of speech exercises to treat a variety of speech, language disorders and swallowing issues to reduce the disability or disorder. Our speech Therapist will design an individualized plan to address the disability and work with various treatment activities to achieve functional outcomes