Day Away Program

At Central Park we understand how challenging it is to care for your loved one on a 24-hour a day basis.


A number of our participant’s caregivers’ work full time jobs outside the home.  We have listened to stories from caregivers feeling guilty leaving loved ones home for extended periods of time unattended, in order to keep their employment.

We have empathized with caregivers who are struggling to fulfill promises of caring for their loved ones at home and preventing admissions into a nursing home setting.  As your loved one’s illness progresses it becomes more difficult for you to give the care needed.

Participants and their family members report feeling rejuvenated, as well as a sense of calm in the household at the end of a busy day.  The participants say they no longer feel as if they are a burden to their family members.  The caregivers report a sense of peace of mind knowing their loved ones are cared for during the day.

Central Park provides enjoyable, supervised recreational activities such as, entertainment, music, daily exercise, cognitive stimulation activities, and creative art programs. Allowing for a chance to socialize with other adults.

Nursing services are available with a Registered Professional Nurse, who along with a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistants provide medication administration, wound care and personal care, such as bathing, toileting assistance and incontinence care.

Central Park offers for the participant a safe, secure environment to spend the day with enriching activities and socialization. For the caregiver it reduces the feeling of guilt, while being able to retain a job outside, or time to be able to take time away from the 24-hour responsibility, which comes from being the primary caregiver.

Additional Services:

  • Nursing Care – Medication administration, wound care and personal care, incontinent care needs.
  • Recreational Activities – Various activities including music, exercise, cognitive stimulation and arts and crafts.  Socialization with other participants is important for a sense of satisfaction and general wellbeing.
  • Therapy – Rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • Dietary Services – Our dietitian will oversee your loved one’s dietary needs, while working with the dietary staff to ensure nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Social Work Services – Social work services, counseling and family support are available.
  • Medical Services – Periodic visits from an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor), podiatrist (foot doctor) and a dentist, plus annual flu shots are available to all participants.
  • Transportation – Door to door transportation for your loved one’s safety.
  • Special Extras – On-site hairdresser is available at an additional cost.