Adult Day Care Program

Central Park recognizes that family members are the major care givers for disabled adults, elderly parents, or chronically ill adults.

Providing 24-hour care is a difficult task while attending to the needs of your loved one while trying to retain a job outside of the home and the usual daily activities.

The juggling of all responsibilities creates stress “trying to do it all.” Adult Day Care gives the care giver the opportunity to reduce the feeling of stress, trying to do everything and reduces the feelings of guilt, knowing your loved one is cared for while you work, or when having the time to get caught up on the daily errands.

While at Central Park Day Away Program your loved one will enjoy a safe and secure environment while you work, or while you have time to shop, keep your appointments and perform daily errands.

At Central Park we offer two very unique programs, which both allows for you or your loved one to continue living at home longer.